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Passive and Active cold chain solutions

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CSafe Courier for last mile vaccine delivery

CSafe opens new SEA Service Center

From the frontiers of pharmaceutical and biomedical research, to the front lines of disaster relief and conflict, and throughout the cold chain's last mile, CSafe Global’s active and passive cold chain solutions ensure that temperature-sensitive goods arrive unadulterated and with their efficacy fully intact.

Whether you are shipping vaccines, biological samples, drugs for clinical trials or pharmaceutical products, we have the solutions, knowledge and expertise to guarantee the Peace of Mind® that your temperature-sensitive goods are transported at The Right Temperature®.

 'Store in a Cool, Dry Place'                      'Bring to Room Temperature Before Use'

Those two statements will probably be familiar to many of us who actually bother to read product labels or even those who enjoy making an attempt at cooking.  Many recipes call for food ingredients, such as fresh meat, that have been held in a refrigerator to be brought up to ‘room temperature’ before cooking.  But therein lies a familiar puzzle – what is ‘room temperature’? And what is a ‘cool, dry place’?  What’s ’Cool’? What’s ‘Dry’? 


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The CSafe RKN Container

Our design, manufacturing, testing, qualification and requalification procedures are trusted by airlines, freight forwarders and life sciences companies…

Across borders, continents and time zones, our personalized and industry standard solutions are designed specifically to maintain the efficacy of your precious cargo, no matter the destination.

We provide insight into the cold chain industry and challenges to help you solve problems and make informed decisions.